As of today, the Bugatti Chiron super car is the world’s fastest automobile

To all lovers of fast cars, I hereby present to you the new record holder of the world’s fastest car, the Bugatti Chiron. This beautiful ride has 1,500-horsepower, and 16-cylinder engine. It seats only two passengers.

Talking of speed, the Bugatti Chiron can go from 0 to 62 mph in 2.5 seconds!! It can also go as fast as 310 mph. The Chiron’s top speed is electronically limited to 261 mph (420 km/h) for safety reasons. Fascinating!! 🙂 Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

Bugatti Chiron - front view
Front view
Bugatti Chiron - Rear view
The rearview
Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Chiron - cockpit
What the inside look like

The car reportedly took 11 years to produce. Crazy right? We also learnt they will be making only 500 units of this car, with each unit costing about $2.6 million. Are you buying one?

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